I changed the title of “Sun son” → “Son of the Sun”

Hello! It is news.
First, we are Japaese team.
We gave 太陽人間(Taiyoningen) English name “Son sun”,but it adviced not to be good name.
You may be understood my sentence, my English is beginner.
So, translator Zach proposed name “Son of the Sun”.
We desided name “Son of the Sun”.
Thank you!

I usually write articles using Google translation, but this time I wrote it myself.


RirCreate infomation in Bitsummit!

You can play Son of the Sun English version on the trial!(App will release free price)
I’ll distribute postcards (two varieties) for free!

太陽人間 / Son of the Sun


● Sales list

・T-shirt (L size only)  3000 yen


・Seal set (A5 size)  600 yen

・Seal (Split sale)  1 sheet:50 yen  3 sheets:100 yen  5 sheets:200 yen



・Hand made key holder &  pin badge       200 ~ 500yen

※The type and number depends on my work.
※There may be motifs not related to Son of the Sun beings. It’s my favorites motifs.



We will exhibit at BitSummit!

We decided to exhibit “Son of the Sun” beings to BitSummit!

You can play the English version.
It will be a joint exhibition at the “Kyoto × Unity” Booth.
I will distribute postcards (two kinds).
Key holders, T-shirts etc. will also be on sale!
Booth number and goods details is comming soon~

Date: May 20 (SAT) & 21 (SUN), 2017
Time: 10:00~17:00
Venue: Miyakomesse, Kyoto 1F Exhibition Hall No.2
A 5th of BitSummit